Climbing Mt Warning

So it seemed easy enough – a hike up the majestic mountain where the sun first hits the east coast of Australia.

And the ‘warning’ as we started our journey didn’t deter us – “strenuous” hiking near the peak.

I’m not a seasoned hiker. Scratch that -I’m not a hiker at all!! But my crew didn’t seem worried so I wasn’t either. We had supplies – water, lollies, nuts, energy drinks.

It started off innocuously ,  a gradual incline, but after 1km, I was done. And we had 3km more to go! So I won’t beat around the bush, it’s not easy, but you just have to keep walking, slowly and steadily.

And then you reach the peak. And are faced with a400m of steep, steep cliff, with a chain metal rope as the only help you have.

For some reason this part was the best, I leaped up it, after over 3km of plodding along, this burst of activity gave me energy.

And then you reach the top!! No words.

Mt Warning Sweet Sea Change

Visit the official website here for official information.



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