The Farm, Byron Bay

Sydney’s been buzzing for a few years about Three Blue Ducks, so I was very excited when the same guys opened up right down the road.

Sweet Sea Change_The Farm .jpg
The picture perfect setting at The Farm

We stopped for lunch on the Monday of the Queens birthday long weekend.

The Farm sits right at the turn-off into Byron Bay, a great location if you want to avoid the heavy traffic in and out of Byron’s main tourist strip.

You can’t make bookings for breakfast or lunch so we took a chance, even though we had a feeling it was going to be a busy day.

At first we thought there must have been a festival or event on, as there seemed to be a LOT of cars…it nearly put us off as crowds aren’t our thing. However we’d come so far and decided to at least wander around and check it out.

The Farm really does have ‘something for everyone’, which helps to keep the crowds dispersed. From the huge outdoor playground to a coffee shop, florist, bakery, providore, BBQ area and of course Three Blue Ducks restaurant, you can have a three course meal or grab a pork roll and sit on a picnic blanket. It gives The Farm a relaxed feel, even when its teeming with people. It’s very similar to The Grounds of Alexandria without being in the middle of the crowded city!

Faced with the prospect of waiting for a lunch table at Three Blue Ducks, the extensive bar with a long row of beer taps kept husband happy but we didn’t even need to wait too long. One tip – don’t leave the waiting area if you’re keen for a table!

The service really made the experience special. Even though it was super crowded, the staff were relaxed and friendly and we didn’t feel rushed.

The food was definitely not your average fare, with unusual menu combinations and fresh local produce.

After a long lazy lunch, the stroll around the actual farm was welcome. But don’t expect a baby animal petting area, unless you want to muck about in the mud with the pigs (just joking, you can’t get in the pig pen!).

With an outlook over the hinterland, we’ll definitely be going back to The Farm and taking our Sydney visitors who’ll love the mix of fashionable food with the great outdoors.

Check it out at


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